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ast112hw1 - destination quicker Those launched westward do...

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Dan Schweizer AST 112 Homework #1 1. At the meridian, a full moon is seen at about midnight. A waxing crescent (quarter moon) would be seen in the afternoon; around 3 p.m. 2. Too handle the extra ¼ day in a year, the leap year was created (Gregorian Calendar). So an extra day every 4 years, keeps the seasons in order. 3. Satellites launched from the equator are better than those launched towards the equator because they travel faster than the ground they fly over. Meaning that they can reach their
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Unformatted text preview: destination quicker. Those launched westward do not travel as fast because they tend to lag behind the ground in which they fly over. 4. If the tilt were changed to 10 ° , the arctic, tropic of cancer, and others would not change in latitude. Instead what would be affected would be the seasons. With the tilt changed, sunlight would not be dispersed as much as now. So you would have a larger concentration of light focused on the equator, and less on the North Pole and South Pole....
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