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hw1 - • “x.y” denotes section y of chapter x •...

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STOR 112 – Decision Models for Business - Spring 2007 HW Assignment # 1 Due Wednesday, January 31 1.3.60, 63, 68; and 1.4.5, 10***, 33***, and 4.1.34, 42 and 4.2.22, 32*** ( DON’T round the corner points!) Formulate ( BUT DO NOT TRY TO SOLVE!) 4.3.22, 38***, and 4.4.28*** =========== ============== ============== ============== ============== =========== HW Assignment Notations: (given here again for handy reference): Unless otherwise indicated, all readings and assigned problems below are in Waner & Costenoble 4 th edition. An exercise which is marked by *** is DIFFERENT from the exercise in edition 3. An exercise, which is NOT marked, is the same in editions 3 and 4. We give this info, so you can avoid purchasing edition 4, if you feel like it. Some of the *** marked exercises actually CAN be found in the old edition, but with a different number. CPxx denotes item xx in the Course Pack. LP denotes the Linear Programming Primer in the Course Pack. The readings listed for any given day cover the material to be discussed in class that day.
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Unformatted text preview: • “x.y” denotes section y of chapter x. • Readings in parentheses are optional. • “x.y.e” denotes problem e in section x.y. o Answers to odd-numbered problems are given in the back of the book. o Assignments may include a mix of odd- and even-numbered problems. o Only the even-numbered ones will be graded for credit. If you wish, you can turn in only the even-numbered problems. There will be no penalty for doing so. o The odd-numbered ones are there so you can check your understanding of the work. You do not have to turn them in. If you’re uncertain about any odd-numbered problems, you can turn them in as well, with questions indicating your difficulty with the problems. We’ll try to answer those questions. There will be no extra credit for turning in odd-numbered problems. =========== ============== ============== ============== ============== ===========...
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