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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1. Set up, and solve an LP to model the following problem. You need to turn in 1) the handwritten solution setting up the LP (defining variables, constraints, etc.) 2) the printout of the excel program 3) the printout of the excel answer sheet. You also need to answer the questions A, B, C afterwards. As a hint, we give the optimal value of just ONE variable. If in your solution this variable has a different value, then it is most likely incorrect. Giapetto, Inc., sells wooden soldiers and toy trains. Each soldier produced requires 3 board feet of lumber and 3 hours of labor, while each train requires 5 board feet of lumber and 4.5 hours of labor. Giapetto’s lumberyard can supply up to 180,000 board feet of lumber per month at a cost of $1/board foot. His workers earn an hourly wage of $4, and at most 195,000 hours of labor are available each month. He sells soldiers for $80 each and the market will take up to 50,000 soldiers per month. He can sell as many trains as he can make at a price of $55 apiece, and he has decided that to keep...
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