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JUST Introduction to Islamic Law Sacred law Comprises on an equal footing ordinances regarding worship and ritual, as well as political and (in the narrow sense) legal rules. Jewish and Canon law are the closest in relation as representatives of sacred law, but are still very different. They are more uniform. o Jewish law- shows break between the law of a sovereign state and that of the Dispersion, but the spirit of the legal matter in the latter parts of the Old Testament is already very close to that of the Talmud. Buttressed by the cohesion of the community, reinforced y pressure from outside, its rules are the direct expression of this feeling of cohesion, leading to rejection of all dissentients o Islam represented radical break away from Arab paganism o Canon and Islamic law are dominated by the dualism of the religion and state, where the state is not, in contrast to Judaism, an alien power but the political expression of the same religion. o
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