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阅读精训班( 3 种班型): 填空精训班( 3 种班型): 暑期全程班: GRE Verbal 155 分班(填空): GRE Verbal 155 分班(阅读 + 长难句): GRE Verbal 155 分班(词汇 + 短语): GRE 填空 36 套下载:百度云盘;账号: 18911593196 ;密码: grereading GRE 阅读真题 200 篇(按难度排序)下载:百度云盘;账号: 18911593196 ;密码: grereading GRE 核心词汇助记与精练购买:搜索亚马逊,当当,有时候会没货,所以没有给出具体链接;
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陈琦 GRE 团队 2014 GRE 考前点词班 J
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WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道 conjectural decline lopsided feeble robust fervor indiscriminate selective vivacity less traditional affinities with available locally discerned by discovered by pugnacious truculent heterogeneity diversity champion defend
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conjectural : A statement that is conjectural is based on information that is not certain or complete . < Theories about the extinction of dinosaurs are still highly conjectural .> 凭猜测的,凭推测的 : theoretical, hypothetical, speculative, suppositional conjectural WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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x womans fingerbone/ conjectural WE WE 陈琦 GRE 团队 80313 频道
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