Environmental Test 1

Environmental Test 1 - SOCIAL TRAPS Commons Dilemma o...

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SOCIAL TRAPS Commons Dilemma o Pasture for cattle, each person puts cattle out because it is reasonable for each individual o There is public ownership, so no part of the pasture is privately owned o Regardless of what everybody does, individuals will generally act to benefit themselves o Not cooperating will result in the best individual results Potential Solutions o Communication More likely to cooperate if they can talk about the situation o Relationships Ability to develop a community, if they care about the community they are more likely to be considerate o Privatization Individual ownership makes individuals care about the resource maintenance Pollution Credit trading If a rich environmental group bought credits, they could retire them to make polluting more expensive Unequal rights to own properties o Would need to be limited, inherently limited to those who can afford it NYS utilities have reduced emissions with this scheme o Education Not as effective as it could or should be o Government intervention Laws and fines to protect the environment and resources o Attitude change Change peoples’ minds about what is important o Moral/spiritual approach Address peoples’ values o Psychological factors Causal attributions How people identify causal factors in the environment
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Environmental Test 1 - SOCIAL TRAPS Commons Dilemma o...

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