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Brian Zalac Lesson 6 assignment 1. age – 26 2. gender  - Female 3.  nature of work  - Automotive Buyer 4. how long they have worked  - 3 years 5. title - Buyer 6. if sexually harassed by supervisor or co-worker - Both 7. how was the person harassed? By whom? How Long  - Inappropriate innuendos and e-mail –  two months. – Co-worker an engineer. 8. What, if anything was done by the employee?  - ignored 9. Did the employer investigate the complaint?  - no, no complaint was made 10. What action was taken?  - N/A 11. Was there a sexual harassment policy in the company -  Yes I have interviewed a 26-year-old female co-worker. She worked for an automotive parts maker for the last three years as an Engineer and then as a Buyer. One of the reasons she changed jobs was due to one particular male engineer that was sexually harassing her on a regular basis. He was a co-worker that would make innuendos and comments about what she was wearing. This went on for the better part of a year. She
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Unformatted text preview: never reported any of it to Human Recourses or her boss because she did not want to be a “whistle blower” and did not want to be frowned upon at work by other male colleagues. In this particular case, the company did not take any action because it was not reported. The company does have a very strict sexual harassment policy of “zero tolerance”. The woman that had been harassed in this case made it known that she did not appreciate the advances f the male engineer, however, he chose to continue making thing uncomfortable for her. It is my belief that in this situation she could have grounds for a sexual harassment case against the individual but not the company. She would have to inform the company of the harassment and allow them the opportunity to correct the situation. Knowing the companies policy, the individual would have been terminated immediately....
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