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Star report- Alzzir - Alzirr Jon Harper-S Abstract We are...

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Alzirr Jon Harper-S
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Abstract: We are always told to reach for the stars but what if we actually had the chance to do that; what star would you reach for and why? Stars are significantly diverse so what would make you decide to grab one star over another? If the decision were left to me I would choose the star Alzirr, also known as Al Zirr and Xi Geminorum. Alzirr is a star in the Zodiac constellation Gemini. Very little is actually known about Alzirr, leaving it with a slight air of mystery and for this reason I believe it would be the star I would want to reach for. Main Body: The constellation Gemini, which the star Alzirr resides in, was known to the Greeks as the twins of Leda and the sons of Zeus. Legend has it that Zeus turned himself into a swan to seduce the beautiful Leda and the result was the birth of two eggs. One egg held Pollux, the son of Zeus and the other had inside it, Castor the son of Leda’s husband King Tyndareus. Pollux and Castor were known to be inseparable. They accompanied the Argonauts on their journey to find the golden fleece when their vessel was hit with bad weather. The story goes that two stars appeared over the heads of Pollux and Castor to held direct the ship to safe seas. To this day it is said that when a ship hits bad weather
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Star report- Alzzir - Alzirr Jon Harper-S Abstract We are...

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