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Latin American report - Chris Connor Modern Latin America S...

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Chris Connor Modern Latin America: S. S. Perspective. October 19 th , 2005 Border Policy Dilemma The Monroe Doctrine was established by the U.S. and stated that no European countries could interfere or colonize any country in the Americas. By doing so, the United States declared that they would look after the countries in Latin America. How than can the United States justify its blindness toward the suffering going on in Mexico? We, the U.S., have closed our eyes to the extreme poverty and distress currently taking place in Mexico. We have “closed our borders” with Mexico in hopes that this will somehow stop the flow of illegal immigrants. How ironic considering the United States was founded on the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our current immigration policy with Mexico is a closed border, in other words we restrict illegal immigrants from coming into America. Yet over the past decade the United States immigration policy has undergone “a huge shift” (Fang 224). According to Mr. Fang, organizations like the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the border patrol have focused exclusively on “tightening control of urban areas along the 2,000- mile-long border with Mexico. Washington spent $8 billion building infrastructures like high-tech concrete fences and surveillance systems near urban areas…” (224). What Washington inferred was that since the dessert regions of the border were so inhospitable very few immigrants would try to cross it. In the areas that are fortified against the inflow of illegal immigration there are “remote-control-camera towers”, “specifically equipped helicopters” and literally “hundreds of motion and heat sensors strategically placed” to warn the border patrol of sneaky or sly border crossers (Cooper). So why would anyone try to cross the border when their chances of success are so minute?
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The majority of immigrants who illegally cross the border are from extremely poor sectors of Mexico. They tend not to make enough money to effectively support themselves, let alone their families. Many of them do not know when or where their next meal is coming from. Their choices are very limited, either stay in poverty in Mexico or take the gamble of actually crossing the border and starting a new life in America, where they can make enough to support their families. This temptation has lead to Mexico losing “millions of working-age men and women to the United States” (Orrenius 15). These working age males and females who cross the border cause Mexico to lose many
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Latin American report - Chris Connor Modern Latin America S...

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