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Chris Connor Page 2 The Rebirth of America As I ran past the endless rows of lockers, I knew that I had no chance to make it to class on time. I turned the corner to the corridor where my Engineering class was and hit what seemed like a brick wall. “Watch it, jerk,” the brick wall spat. I looked up to see a short, plump, freckled face looking back at me. I apologized to the sizeable girl and pulled myself up. I continued to run to my Engineering class, passing the snickers of students who had seen the collusion. Two feet from the door I heard the puncturing sound of the bell. I strolled in the class hoping that for some miraculous reason my engineering teacher was absent and that we had a substitute. “Hello Mr. Connor,” my engineering teachers voice rumbled “how nice of you to join us! Although, next time you’re late you might as well not even bother to show up at all.” I towed off to my seat. I hate this class! The class itself is relatively small, about 10 kids, and the teacher has time to spend with each student but the teacher, like many other teachers today, is vile. He acts like a dictator, what he says goes. The class went by smoothly, or as smoothly as it ever had, until my principal’s voice scratched over the speaker. Her voice was dim and faded, like someone was covering her mouth. As usual, I paid little attention to her because these types of announcements were given daily; “The boy’s soccer team will not have practice today”, “the chess club will hold a meeting today in room 112,” or a million other things. This time her tone seemed very different, her usual loud and comforting voice was a brittle and weak voice. Afterwards, many students, who did not
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Tradegy paper - Chris Connor 2 Page The Rebirth of America...

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