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Top Dog - There Is No Topdog Without an Underdog Candace...

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There Is No Topdog Without an Underdog Candace Tidwell February 23, 2008 Section 002 7118-29059 I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. _________________________
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Top Dog/Underdog , a title fitting for the tale of two brothers fighting for the advantage in a life that has predestined them to do so. This raw drama by Suzan-Lori Parks successfully conveys, though somewhat awkwardly, the conflict of the two brothers Lincoln and Booth, and challenges the audience to explore themes of oppression and identity. Throughout the play there are hints that “The Man” is an opposing force to the brothers’ success, but as the tale unfolds one comes to realize that in either case, for each character, his own brother is holding him back. The stage is simple. The audience is looking into the one-room apartment of Booth, set with nothing but a bed, a reclining chair, and makeshift “table” out of two milk crates and a piece of cardboard. Miscellaneous household items clutter the edges of the room: laundry, an iron, a stereo, etc. Scene designer Marion Williams takes advantage of the thrust stage in the Paul Green Theater by constructing a wall in the back of the stage with a single door in the center, the only entranceway for the actors to come onstage. It gives the feeling that you are experiencing life from the inside of the apartment, just as the two brothers are. Williams, along with costume designer Jan Chambers, works to create a low- income setting: there is no carpet, only one bed, no windows, no running water. Booth is clad in an assortment of clothing items, seeming to have just been thrown together in order to keep himself warm. Lincoln, save his Abraham Lincoln costume, wears a simple sweater and pair of slacks. Although the play is set over a period of days, the brothers
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Top Dog - There Is No Topdog Without an Underdog Candace...

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