CIV ESSAY - The book written by Pearl S Buck entitled The...

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The book written by Pearl S. Buck entitled The Good Earth follows the tale of a peasant farmer named Wang Lung. It starts off when is he a young man living with his father in an earthen home. His father is unable to work in the fields or do many other labors around the house, and because of this Wang Lung is required to be both the maid in the house and also the laborer in the fields because they are to poor to hire workers for their house. One day his father comes to Wang Lung and says that he is to be married to a slave girl from the Great House of Hwang, which is a house unlike Wang Lung’s which was owned by the rich family in their village. His father said that she was not a pretty girl but was a very good maid. She was a good cook and could do everything around the house that Wang Lung previously was required to complete. He said that Wang Lung did not want a pretty slave girl because she had most likely been taken by the men in the house and an ugly maid would not have been touched and that Wang Lung would have a girl who he would be the first for instead of a pretty girl that has been with many men. Wang Lung went one day to the House of Hwang to pick up his new wife. This slaves name was O-lan and she was indeed as Wang Lung had been told. She was a quite not very pretty woman but did her work well and kept to herself most of the time. She talked very little and did much work around the house the Wang Lung was never able to do
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because he also was required to work in the field. O-lan helped him in the fields when she was not doing any work in there home and when Wang Lung’s father did not require anything from her. O-lan gave birth to their first child which was a boy, which to the Chinese people at this time was a blessing. After she gave birth to this son the family had a good year and had extra silver which the family was not used to having. Than one day Wang Lung went to the House of Hwang with his extra silver and bought a very nice piece of land which had a very good cropping. This to Wang Lung was a great achievement because he had the money to buy land from a very rich family and to him land was the more important than money or any other
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CIV ESSAY - The book written by Pearl S Buck entitled The...

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