bi. for writing 2 - This is where I found my general...

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Justin Murray Dr. Xu Eng. 111:sec 26: writing II Annotated Bibliography 4-23-08 1. Ormrod, J. E. (2006). Essentials of Educational Psychology. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc. I found what I read in this book was mostly general knowledge about behaviorism. It also gave examples of who are considered behaviorists. Then it went on to tell a little about all of these behaviorists, for example Pavlov or Watson. That is what I found in this book. 2. Pavlov, I. (1927). Conditioned Reflexes: An Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex. London: Oxford University Press. This article was all about Ivan Pavlov. It told about his work and life. It reflected mostly on his most famous experiment “Pavlov’s dogs”. It also explained the definition of “classical conditioning”. 3. Phillips, D., & D.C. Phillips & Soltis, J. F. (1998). Funderstanding . Retrieved March 19, 2007, from This website gave general information on behaviorism.
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Unformatted text preview: This is where I found my general definition of behaviorism. It also told about the three most famous behaviorist Pavlov, skinner, and Watson. 4. Watson, J. B. (1913). Psychology as the Behaviorist views it. Psychology review , 158-177. This article was all about J.B. Watson’s life and work. It gave important cues into Watson’s life. It was mostly about his most famous and controversial experiment “Little Albert”. They gave their side of what they thought of this experiment. They continued to tell of other smaller experiments and his death. 1 5. Watson, J. B., & Rayner, R. (1920). Conditioned emotional reactions. Journal of Experimental Psychology , 1-14. This article also gave incentives into Watson’s life and work. It focused mainly on his experiment “Little Albert”. It went a lot more in depth than the last article. It told the entire story of Albert. It also spoke of his second famous work “The Behaviorist Manifesto”. 2...
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bi. for writing 2 - This is where I found my general...

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