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chap 3 freakonomics

chap 3 freakonomics - Justin Murray Freakonomics chap 3...

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Justin Murray Freakonomics chap 3 questions 4-14-08 Question #1. I believe the main economic topic in this chapter is how similar drug dealers are to ordinary corporations. I was very surprised to see how very similar these drug cartels were to ordinary business like McDonalds. They are the same in the way that the head guys or “Board of Directors” make vastly more that the ordinary employee or “Foot Solider”. Also there is mainly the same hierarchy system in place in both operations. You mainly have to start at the bottom and work your way up the corporate ladder. That is what this chapter showed, how drug dealers are very similar to corporate America. Question #2 Conventional wisdom was first started by a man named John Kenneth Galbraith. “In Galbraith’s view conventional wisdom must be simple, convenient, comfortable, and comforting, but not necessarily true”. They give us the example of Mitch Snyder. He said “45 homeless people die every second which would equal 1.4 billion people a year,
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