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Practice Quiz 3 - 1 ThePacific Railroad Act provided thet...

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1. ThePacific Railroad Act provided thet the Union and Central Pacific Railroads would receive payments based on a. the number of miles of track they laid b. the amount of land they sold along the track c. the number of workers they employed d. all of the above 2. In terms fo their work force, American farmers and ranchers a. relied on black workers b. continued to use Indian laborers towork their lands c. hired Chinese immigrants (X) d. relied on Mexican laborers 3. The majority of the Gold Rush miners came from a. California and northern Mexico (X) b. Europe c. the eastern United States and Europe d. China (X) 4. Which of the following statements about the first California Constitution is not correct? a. It provided guidelines for dealing with Mexcian land grant rights in California b. It gave s xedison uffrage to white males. c. It included provisions for married women's property rights d. It excluded slavery in California 5. All of the following were laws grouped together as the Compromise of 1850 except a. banning slavery in Washington, D.C. b. admission of California as a free state c. creation of territorial governments in Utah and New Mexico d. the Fugitive Slave Act 6. The term "gold mountain" refers to a. the name given to the largest claim in California b. the Indian description of the gold fields c. the American definition of California in the 1850s d. the Chinese term for California 7. During the Gold Rush, most mining camps were located
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Practice Quiz 3 - 1 ThePacific Railroad Act provided thet...

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