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Practice Quiz 2 - 1. The economic system of mercantilism a....

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1. The economic system of mercantilism a. envisioned colonies as producers of raw materials to benefit the mother country (X) b. attempted to limit access to colonial goods and markets to the mother country c. created a California economy reliant on the mother country d . is accurately described by all of these statements (*) 2. The majority of California Indians during the mission period died from a. mistreatment b . disease c. warfare and violence d. poor diets (X) 3. The Indian converts to Christianity were called a. neophytes b. criolitos c. gente de razon d. alcaldes 4. What was the biggest change in the economic and political structure of California after Mexican independence? a. Uniform control of political decisions and economic wealth stemmed from centralized control in Mexico City (X) b. Redistribution of mission lands created a large, upwardly mobile and landed population (X) c. The missions no longer exercised a monopoly on land and labor d. Families and individuals replaced Spain and natural forces in the region's prosperity (X) 5. Father Junipero Serra is best known as a. the person who introduced Spanish crops and agricultural products to the California Indians for the first time (X) b. the first administrator of the mission system as well as the founder of nine of these institutions c. the last Spanish administrator of the Alta California missions d. a sympathetic supporter of Indian rights to their culture 6. Women in Mexican California had the right to all of the following except a. choose their husbands b. learn and pursue male activites, such as horse riding and managing ranchos
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Practice Quiz 2 - 1. The economic system of mercantilism a....

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