Apr2 - Part One Background of Christian Scriptures •...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/2/08 Part One: Background of Christian Scriptures • Formation of Judaism. • Hellenization of the Mediterranean area:around 300 BCE. Alexander the great building great empire. Greek culture becomes dominant-flowering of philosophy, literature, and cultural values. • ^Egyptian, Persian, greek, and other near eastern cultures-intertwined in Roman Empire. • Rome becomes new superpower in this med locale. • Development of jewish groups/sects- arose after destruction of the temple. • 586 destruction of temple by the Babylonians. • Diverse groups of Jews begin to interpret writing in diverse ways • From scattering of Hebrews-by 200 Bc. Call themselves Jews-interpret identities, torah, in radically different ways. • Pg. 215- map. Mediterranean locale-major political empire is Rome. • Bacground of Christian gospels in that Rome is dominant and greek culture is dominant social and cultural forces that shape Christian writings • John’s gospel-very greek gospel. • Gnostic Gospels- greek influence. • 3 major things happening • 1. Many people were very individualistic in finding personal fulfillment. • 2. Very cosmopolitan- many different types of religious and philosophical systems to choose from • 3. People search for some kind of unity-search for oneness behind the multiplicity • ^fertile ground for Jesus movement...
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Apr2 - Part One Background of Christian Scriptures •...

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