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Apr7 - insists that their view would help them to keep...

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4/7/08 Gnostic Gospels Not accepted as canonical orthodox. Used to help understand political, social, religious controvery Thesis- primary dispute between orthodox Christians and Gnostics- not theological but centered on Gnostics refusal to accept hierarchy of the Christian church today. Priests, bishops etc. Give another view Discussion questions 1. Orthodox- literal view. Pg. 5 John- some say he appeared in physical/earthly form. Others say he appears in other form, not former earthly form- luke and mark. Orthodox- later Christian view became a literal interpretation. 2. Pg 6,9-serves as a political function- maintain their authority. They had the power and
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Unformatted text preview: insists that their view would help them to keep power. Authority-crucial. Associated with the authoritative interpretation. 3. Peter was supposedly the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection. They use him as symbolic head of the church. 4. Pg.8 tradition and power. 5. Pg. 6. Pg.11 7. Pg.17 called them heretics. 8. They can’t go together. Not true representations of the orthodox church. Scholarly- cannot fully verify either one so you somewhat have to look at the same. They help to see a fuller historical history/picture. Both faith documents- what people believe took place....
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