Apr17 - Occupation- physically demanding jobs US Healthcare...

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4/17/08 Thesis driven that build and argument Integrate multiple readings and sources in a paragraph. Healthcare Resocialize as doctors. Medical sociology- single fasted growing sub division of sociology. Interested in - types of care and stratification. Groups that have care- class and healthcare, insurance, epidemiology, mortality rates Socialization in terms of medicine. Neighborhood effects- relationship between social factors and biological factors Epidemiological paradox Lower your SES the higher your mortality rate- SES- income and education. Social demographers- race and ethnic groups. Mexicans in texas- they had a low SES that matched blacks, but they also had a low mortality rate that looked like non-hispanic whites.- epidemiological paradox- unexpected Why would this happen- immigration. How does it alter the relationship- migration = younger and healthier people that cross. The diet consumed by Mexicans- over time we see mcdonaldization of immigrants.
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Unformatted text preview: Occupation- physically demanding jobs US Healthcare system reading Main point- pg. 529. Looking at persistent problems of the uninsured 40 million do not have health insurance. Some claim they have insurance but may not have full insurance. Role of HMOs and dictation of control. Universal health care What had changed from Clinton and healthcare reform until now- since the 90s more people have entered into uninsured- it is tied to your job. Used to come with benefits and now they are going away for many jobs. Medical benefits are expensive. Businesses are getting rid of benefits. Type of healthcare available in the US. Great healthcare takes a lot of money to get Push for more extensive healthcare plans. Dying alone How age, poverty, urban isolation adding to excess of death. Family isolation. Excess of death b/c of urban isolation...
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Apr17 - Occupation- physically demanding jobs US Healthcare...

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