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Apr17 - • Occupation physically demanding jobs US...

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4/17/08 Thesis driven that build and argument Integrate multiple readings and sources in a paragraph. Healthcare Resocialize as doctors. Medical sociology- single fasted growing sub division of sociology. Interested in - types of care and stratification. Groups that have care- class and healthcare, insurance, epidemiology, mortality rates Socialization in terms of medicine. Neighborhood effects- relationship between social factors and biological factors Epidemiological paradox Lower your SES the higher your mortality rate- SES- income and education. Social demographers- race and ethnic groups. Mexicans in texas- they had a low SES that matched blacks, but they also had a low mortality rate that looked like non-hispanic whites.- epidemiological paradox- unexpected Why would this happen- immigration. How does it alter the relationship- migration = younger and healthier people that cross. The diet consumed by Mexicans- over time we see mcdonaldization of immigrants.
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Unformatted text preview: • Occupation- physically demanding jobs US Healthcare system reading • Main point- pg. 529. Looking at persistent problems of the uninsured… • 40 million do not have health insurance. • Some claim they have insurance but may not have full insurance. • Role of HMOs and dictation of control. • Universal health care • What had changed from Clinton and healthcare reform until now- since the 90’s more people have entered into uninsured- it is tied to your job. Used to come with benefits and now they are going away for many jobs. • Medical benefits are expensive. • Businesses are getting rid of benefits. • Type of healthcare available in the US. Great healthcare takes a lot of money to get • Push for more extensive healthcare plans. Dying alone • How age, poverty, urban isolation adding to excess of death. • Family isolation. • Excess of death b/c of urban isolation...
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Apr17 - • Occupation physically demanding jobs US...

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