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apr24 - blacks did not • 2 Massey and Immigration •...

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3/24/08 Essay 4- thesis, argumentative. May 7 th by 5 pm. Rewrite also the 7 th . Quiz 4- institutions 1. Still separate, still unequal- education After brown vs. BOE they still aren’t integrated and equal. More equitable if we integrated the races. The kids are aware of the physical neglect around them. The other education is valued- white people. Idea of being hidden- not valuing who you are Role of larger social institution that are stratified racially. Perpetuated along course offerings- sewing, cooking. Not all poor schools are minority schools Institutions perpetuating segregation- Teacher’s pay. Public education funded- property taxes- government Segregation- red lining - banks evaluate who eligible for a loan- use maps of city- divide into quadrants- US government red marker around black neighborhoods and told them to not lend them money- as a result wealth and property accumulated within white population. Wall called 8 mile- between white and black neighborhoods- white got money
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Unformatted text preview: blacks did not. • 2. Massey and Immigration • Perception of crisis and why it isn’t. • Policy recommendations • Politics of contradiction. – economic integration, but building a wall. • 3. Healthcare- dying alone, U.S health care system • Dying alone- age, poverty and isolation has led to excess of death. • Us Health care system-rates of uninsured • pg. 529 four themes • 4. Epidemiological paradox • Cost control • 5. Media • Americanization of the world • Four fallacies of the media- *** • Not a neutral institution • Media as scapegoat. • 462 Out of sorts • People who want to adopt children • Want to adopt white children • Minority less wait time but go to asia to get children. • “get and asian kid they are better at math” • Stereotypes Hidden costs of being African American • Small subtleties of racism • Role of assets. •...
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apr24 - blacks did not • 2 Massey and Immigration •...

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