Apr2 - • Phloem- toward the outside • Bark= cork, cork...

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4/2/08 Plant Growth and water potential Meristematic only found in certain parts of plant so the parenchyma heals the plants. Primary Growth Taller Apical meritems Wide stemmed shoot=wide stemmed plant Plant widening- If carve something, it stays there. Shoots have primary xylem and phloem. In center. Secondary Growth Wider Lateral meristems Exist as a point Wrap around circumference of the plant Two types- cork cambium and vascular cambium 1. Cork cambium makes cork Cork cambium- Produces these cells toward the outside of the plant Older-thicker
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Cracked nature of the bark- old layers pushed out from new coming out. Not enough bark to cover whole surface so it cracks. What are cork cells like? Dead, dermal tissue, protects the plant. Lignin, wax. Hard for bacteria and such to digest. 2. Vascular Cambium Produces secondary xylem and phloem Produces cells in both directions Xylem- sends cells to inside
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Unformatted text preview: • Phloem- toward the outside • Bark= cork, cork cambium and phloem • Wood=secondary xylem. • Increases in thickness as the tree grows- Secondary xylem and cork. • Phloem is replaced and stays the same width while secondary xylem accumulates. Water potentials • Number that describes how water is going to move from one area to another across a membrane. • Pressure potential Yp- something that causes water to move through physical forces-plunger. Can be positive or negative. • Measure water potentials in force over area. • Solute potential Ys-getting water to move by chemical means. Always negative. • Water moves from high potential to low potential. • What keep cells from exploding- cell wall- pushes back. Pressure potential opposing each other from outside and inside • Symbol for potentials- Ψ • Movie question-idiocracy • Why do the crops die from the electrolytes-...
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Apr2 - • Phloem- toward the outside • Bark= cork, cork...

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