Apr15 - Circular migration stopped- but migration increased...

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4/15/08 Immigration We have an immigration “crisis” Argument that it Is an exaggeration of numerical facts Problems are of our own making Politics of contradiction Open economy vs. closed border Economic Integration- Free trade agreement- open borders for goods, lowered or eliminated tariffs, capital. 2 nd largest trading partner after Canada At the same time we are not letting labor flow. You cannot have it both ways. Closed our border-capped the number of visas available-20,000 per country. D.R. and Mexico. Same quota. Border control-militarize the border of San Diego. Walls- tortilla curtain. Unintended consequences New crossing points. New receiving areas
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Unformatted text preview: Circular migration stopped- but migration increased • Coyote- cost of for one and b/c of militarization of border don’t go back to mexico. • Death rates along the border have gone up. • The more you increase foreign capital investment, the more it spurs migration from that capital receiving country. • Increasing investment in mexico. Economic integration= greater migration. Policy recommendations • Increase the number of visas for Mexicans • 2 year work visas tied to immigrants-non-permanent. • Earned legislation • Cost of the visa-$300- instead of paying coyote buy visa. • Immigration holds down inflation etc… • Offset the cost of immigration...
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Apr15 - Circular migration stopped- but migration increased...

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