HW1 - Katherine Luck INTS 210 1-28-08 HW:1-8 A Critical...

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Katherine Luck INTS 210 1-28-08 HW:1-8 A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Globalization: “The Argument” Chapter 6: The Ideological Dimension of Globalization by Steger There has been a debate over whether globalization is good or bad. There must be a important distinction between globalization and globalism Globalization: is the social process of intensifying local interdependence Globalism: an ideology than endows the concept of globalization with neoliberal values and meanings. Selling Globalization 65% of the people that responded the survey done by Business Week, thinks that globalization is a good think for consumer and business 70% believe that free trade agreements are responsible for driving down wages in the US. The reason for this contraction is the ideology (Globalism). The five major ideological claims used by influential advocates of globalism are: 1. Globalization is about the liberalization and global integration of markets a. Problem: Liberalizing and integrating market is only possible through the powers of government. b. Successful liberalization of markets depends on intervention and interference by centralized state power. c. As long as the advocated of globalism sell their neoliberal understanding, they will maintain a social order favorable to their own interest. d. Liberalization + Integration of Markets = Globalization? 2. Globalization is inevitable and irreversible a. Globalization reflects inevitable spread of irreversible market forces driven by technological innovations. b. Globalization demand everyone to make sacrifices (example- Enron collapse) 3. Nobody is in charge of globalization a. People are not in charge of globalization but technology and markets are. b. The substance and the direction of globalization are to a significant degree shaped by American domestic and foreign policy. 4.
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HW1 - Katherine Luck INTS 210 1-28-08 HW:1-8 A Critical...

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