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Luck 2-7 - Katherine Luck Wed 7 2008 2-8 Ways of Thought by...

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Katherine Luck Wed. 7, 2008 2-8 Ways of Thought by Ponting Human Actions has shaped the environment in which we live. Question: Are humans integral part of nature or are they separate from it an in some way superior to it? Classical thought: The plan conceived by God: Everything about humans has a purpose and that the gods have also provided everything for the benefit of man. (Socrates) Since everything has been provided for humans, then we are the most important creatures on earth so own nature. Classical Thinkers were aware that human actions were in fact changing their surroundings. Christian thought: Advantage of humans: they can domesticate animals Myth 1: God creates human has the climax of his previous five days of work. With divine blessing they are granted domination over the rest of creation. Myth 2: Man is created first and then the Garden of Eden – with plants animals and finally woman. Animals are created for human’s benefit The God nearly destroys the world (great flood) Noah and his family are the only survivors and once again, God give them the domination over the world. Jewish thoughts: God had given humans the right to exploit plans, animals and the whole world for their benefit Nature is not sacred and it is open to be exploded by humans. No relationship with the natural world. Contradiction (minority): There were a few thinkers that contradicted human’s special position and said that humans’ creation was to take care of God’s creation instead of exploit them. Other traditions
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Luck 2-7 - Katherine Luck Wed 7 2008 2-8 Ways of Thought by...

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