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While reading “Indian Camp,” the first story in Ernest Hemingway’s book, In Our Time , I was puzzled by the idea that the childbirth such a small part of the story when that is the reason Nick and his father went to the camp in the first place . This is essentially a story about childbirth but if focuses more on Nick’s experience and the doctor’s rather than the Indian woman . Throughout American literature, and literature as a whole, the idea of male authority dominates and is especially prevelant in the story, “Indian Camp .” A women, according to Gilbert and Gubar in “The Queen’s Looking Glass,” “has no story of her own but gives “advice and consolation” to others, listens, smiles, sympathizes” (p 22) . Basically a woman does not have a story, she is a character there to aid the male characters and is there for their pleasure and use . This explains why the female Indian was such a small part in the story . The Indian woman was created by Heminway’s male pen to develop a baby to be delivered by the doctor . After two days of labor, the doctor brings the baby into the world . He had to perform a caesarian section . This is a surgical procedure that is solely controlled by a surgeon, or doctor, in this case it is Nick’s father . Here is the idea of male authority in literature; childbirth is taken over by the man . “Later when he went to operate Uncle George and three Indian men held the woman still” (p 17) . Men hold down the Indian woman as a man takes over and brings the child into the world . Here, the woman is being physically suppressed by the men
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2 page paper #1 - While reading "Indian Camp,"...

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