unit 2 essay - JFK Vietnam represents a test of American...

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JFK Vietnam represents a test of American responsibility and determination in Asia. If we are not the parents of little Vietnam, then surely we are the godparents. We presided at its birth, we gave assistance to its life, we have helped to shape its future. As French influence in the political, economic and military spheres has declined in Vietnam, American influence has steadily grown. This is our offspring - we cannot abandon it, we cannot ignore its needs. And if it falls victim to any of the perils that threaten its existence - Communism, political anarchy, poverty and the rest - then the United States, with some justification, will be held responsible; and our prestige in Asia will sink to a new low. To the Eisenhower Administration, all of the following were significant weaknesses to the Southeast Asian Treaty  Organization (SEATO) EXCEPT: A) Its failure to include regional neutral nations such as Burma, India, and Indonesia. B) Restrictions in the Geneva Accords that prevented Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam from  participating formally. C) The alliance's "western colorization." D) The pact's avoidance of NATO-like commitments and ability to furnish the United States with  the legal basis for intervention in Indochina. 2 Which of the following problems beset the South Vietnamese government in 1954: A) A war-ravaged economy. B) Antiquated governmental institutions. C) An absence of popular support both in the countryside and among non-Communist  nationalists. D) Continued Vietminh control of key territory. E) All of the above. 3 In August 1954, a National Intelligence Estimate rated the chances of creating a stable and effective  government in South Vietnam as: A) Excellent. B) Likely, but at a great cost. C) All but assured.
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D) Poor. E) Possible with British assistance. 4 Which of the following personal characteristics most accounted for Ngo Dinh Diem's rise to power in South  Vietnam in the mid 1950s: A) His persistence when confronted by danger and his surprising capacity for political survival. B) His wistful determination to restore the imperial Vietnamese system that French colonialism  had destroyed. C) His keen sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of South Vietnam's peasants. D) His well-thought-out plan to modernize South Vietnam. E) All of the above. 5 Which of the following helped fuel conflict between France and the United States in 1954-1955: A) American officials believed that the French government was simultaneously trying to retain  control of South Vietnam and establish close relations with Hanoi. B)
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unit 2 essay - JFK Vietnam represents a test of American...

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