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CH.3 Notes Way of Life A) Native American Culture: Farmers, Traders, Hunters a. Women’s role b. Religion B) English Culture: Land owners, Traders, Farmers, Slave owners C) French Culture: Traders, Hunters. Good relations with Indians. King Phillip’s War- Metacom called King Phillip led revolt against English Settlers in Plymouth Colonies. Bacon’s Rebellion- Wealthy young planter, led violent campaign against all Indians later became against Colonial Authorities in Virginia.
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Unformatted text preview: Captured and burned Jamestown forcing Gov. William Berkeley to flee. Bacon died of fever. Pueblo revolt-1680, Pueblo Indians led by Pope, sparked by religious conflict and excessive demands of tribute by Spanish. Stono Rebellion-Colonial Americas largest slave uprising occurred in South Carolina in 1739. Slaves stole guns and attacked white settlements on way to Florida....
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