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Test 2 notes Ch.8 1789-1800 George Washington staff Sec. of state- negotiator-Madison (speaker of house) Sec. of War- general Sec. of Treasury- Lawyer/acct. Hamilton Things to do: Raise an army (20,000 men): started West Point and raise money for funds Foreign debts: France, Britain, Spain Van Buren 1836 great panic Whigs (Harrison) 1840 led congress and presidency American system- Internal improvements (roads canals railroads etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Whigs embrace economic change through banking and manuf. Corp. View gov. power as positive force. Favored spread of banking and paper money. REFORM MOVEMENT 2 nd great awakening. John Tyler- annexation of Texas James K. Polk- Had endorsement of Jackson Slavery driving issue of land annexation for and against....
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