Exam III

Exam III - 1 Chemistry 105 B PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Chemistry 105 B PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Exam 3 Name: __________________________________ 04/04/08 Last 4 Digits of USC ID:____ ____ ____ ____ Dr. Jessica Parr Lab TAs Name: _________________________________ Lab: Tu 9 / Tu 1 / Tu 4 / W 1 / W 4 Please circle lab section above . Question Points Score Grader 1 18 2 14 3 10 4 10 5 8 6 8 7 8 8 12 9 12 Total 100 Please Sign Below: I certify that I have observed all the rules of Academic Integrity while taking this examination. Signature: _______________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1. You must show work to receive credit. 2. If necessary, please continue your solutions on the back of the preceding page (facing you). 3. YOU MUST use black or blue ink. (No pencil, no whiteout, no erasable ink.) 4. There are 9 problems on 12 pages. Please count them before you begin. A periodic table and some useful equations can be found on the last page. 5. Good luck!! =) First Letter of Last Name 2 1. (18 pt) Answer the following multiple choice or short answer questions. a. Identify the following statements as true or false AND correct the false statements . i. Strong acid can be used to change acetic acid molecules to acetate ions. ____________ ii. When hydroxide ions are added to a solution buffered with ammonia molecules and ammonium ions, the ammonia concentration will increase and the ammonium concentration will decrease. ___________ iii. The solubility of AgCl will be different in pure water than in a solution with a pH of 4.5. __________ iv. If the enthalpy of a reaction is positive and the entropy of the reaction is negative, the reaction will be spontaneous at all temperatures. __________ b. If you want to create a solution buffered at pH of 3.15, which of the following acids would b....
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Exam III - 1 Chemistry 105 B PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN...

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