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“A Desire to Change” KIN 161 Foundations of Wellness by Joshua Reed-Doyle February 14 th 2008 Throughout the life of an individual, he or she may desire to transform or change an aspect of life that he or she is not satisfied with. All strive for progress on some level. One might express otherwise but all people have a deep-rooted desire for progress. One way to pro-actively deal with this fundamental desire is to set goals. Setting goals allows one to make baby steps towards a larger overarching goal. I intend to use the goal-setting technique to push myself to a new level of physical fitness and finesse. I am setting my goals as high as possible for the next four months in order to achieve as much progress in possible in the shortest amount of time. Learning the meditation martial art of Tai Chi Chi Chung is my first priority because I am enrolled in a semester long class for it. I wish to scale Mount Whitney through a program named “Climbing for Kids”. To further my knowledge and variety in the martial arts I am taking up Capoeira and Pheonix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu. And of course I will
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course KIN KIN 161 taught by Professor Christinederr during the Spring '08 term at California State University , Monterey Bay.

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KIN161_DesiretoChange - "A Desire to Change KIN 161...

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