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Unformatted text preview: Name: Joshua Reed-Doyle Date: April 22 rd , 2008 Topic/Issue: Appeal to Tradition Context: There is an old folk tale about a tribe of people living in the wilderness and their struggle for survival one cold winter. The young son of the chieftain ventured out on his daily scavenging route for food. He finally came upon the stream that the tribe had fished out of for many years. The boy whipped out his home-made fishing pole and started to fish. Alas, even fishing until sunset had left him without a single fish on this particular day. He was scared to return to his father without any catch so he decided to fish a bit longer just in case. The chieftain had warned his son always to return home before dark because of the wolves. As the child continued to fish into the night, a lone wolf had spotted him and was beginning to make a leap at the child when all of a sudden the wolf was snatched up into a net over the river. The boy had remembered his father's warning and thus had set up a trap behind him just over the river....
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