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Name: Joshua Reed-Doyle Date: April 22 nd , 2008 Topic/Issue: Accountability Context: Accountability is one's responsibilities towards others in an interdependent world. Last Saturday I was in a sticky situation where I needed to do homework during the same time frame that I had promised a friend of mine that I would be at his club's meeting. About an hour from the meeting time I chose to cancel by sending him an email explaining my situation and that I had chosen to do my homework instead. Later on that day I ran into him and he explained to me that he was very grateful that I did not just no-show at his meeting. He acknowledged me for taking the time to be in communication with him and said that I would not have a problem being in a leadership position, because I am capable of holding myself accountable for my actions. Reflections: When my friend had expressed his happiness for my responsible actions, I felt good to know that I was being integral with my interactions with peers. He mentioned that I would could
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Unformatted text preview: handle being accountable for my actions which he also said that most leaders are scared to do so. It takes a real strong person in order to stand up and say “I did it” when he or she makes a mistake. Accountability has to do with Integrity. If one is being integral in he or she's communications and interactions with other people then the particular individual can be said to be accountable, from my point of view. This viewpoint seems to be in congruence with Cooperative Argumentation 's definition of accountability. It is important to note if one is being accountable for his or her actions then he or she gains the trust of those they interact with. This makes me wonder if the terms “Trust Fund” and “Account” in regards to banks were derived from accountability and trust. I never knew the origin of much of the bank lingo although this makes sense....
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