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“My Psychological Strengths and Weaknesses” KIN 161 Christine Derr February 28 th , 2008 by Joshua Reed-Doyle Abraham Maslow set the precedent for psychological wellness when he depicted the hierarchy of needs: physiological needs, safety and security, love and belongingness, self-esteem, and self- actualization. Ideally one would want to aim for self-actualization as a goal for psychological health. However, it is only human to have psychological strengths and weaknesses. On my way to self- actualization it will be useful to examine my own areas of life that need tweaking. Creativity and problem-solving come naturally to me from my intellectual background. My eternal optimism is a fantastic source of happiness for me and is useful in many situations. However my expectations of how other people should talk and act constantly get in the way of my success, multiple people's happinesses and my overall contribution to people. On the other side my desire to help people sometimes drives me to becoming to forceful when interacting with people and comes off as me forcing my beliefs onto a person. These weaknesses need to be addressed and my strengths reflected upon. Often I find myself in the leadership role in a group setting. This frequent occurrence is beneficial because it allows me to flex my creativity and problem solving muscles of my mind. I am always the guy who pushes others to be their best and is working towards the group goal. I really love to be in this position because it allows me to be helpful to people, give friends a sense of belonging,
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KIN161_PsychologicalS&W - "My Psychological...

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