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Name: Joshua Reed-Doyle Date: April 21 st , 2008 Topic/Issue: Post Hoc Context: In the Tri-county area and/or the Monterey Peninsula there have been airplanes flying by to spray pheromones for the Light-Brown Apple Moth in order to confuse the male moth into not mating with the females and therefore disrupting a whole new generation of moths. This was carried out as part of an operation to kill off the Light Brown Apple Moth because of it's destructive tendencies towards certain crops and plants. Whether or not the Apple Moth actually does destroy plants in still being debated. However, because of a loophole in the “Emergency Clause” of spraying to protect crops, the companies who manufactured this product got away with spraying without testing the chemicals being sprayed for the effects on humans. Thus, after the spraying took place and afterwards several people came forward with flu-like symptoms. It is also worthy to note that there might have been a flu bug going around the area around the same time as the spraying. According to the “post hoc” fallacy of
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