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Name: Joshua Reed-Doyle Date: April 16 th , 2008 Topic/Issue: Oversimplification Context: Most children (or former children) have heard the phrase “Because I said so” thousands of times. It is the phrase we are all too familiar with. This phrase is an example of a fallacy in argument. That is to say if a five year old were capable of understanding the theoretical concepts of Cooperative Argumentation then logically speaking he or she could overcome their parents in a debate. However, within the context of parenthood it is unnecessary to acknowledge this fallacy of argumentation. Reflections: Parenthood is a bit of an anomaly. Parents should not be expected to dictate every movement of their child's life. Parents who do allow no room for creativity or expression to develop. If the child is granted too much freedom however, then it is possible for the child to become apathetic or disobedient. The learning capabilities of these children become hindered because of their lack of organizational structure to their lives. A balance between order, stability, and freedom is required to
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