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deliberation log#3 - Name Joshua Reed-Doyle Date April 21st...

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Name: Joshua Reed-Doyle Date: April 21 st , 2008 Topic/Issue: Ad Hominem Context: The 2008 Elections have shown us unbelievable amounts of ad hominem from all sides. Nearly every day in the news is filled with “he said this” and “she said that” between Obama, McCain, and Clinton. The attacks that each candidate carries out are meant to belittle the opposition in order for he or she to appear better. That is not to say that the attacking candidate actually is better however. Specifically, Clinton called Obama an “Elitist” the other day in a deliberate attack to undermine his campaign. She may have had a valid reason to call him an “Elitist” because of his comments made about the Pennsylvanian rural folk, however that is a matter of opinion and is irrelevant to the real issues that the next president faces. Reflections: I believe that all of the candidates should be much more worried about the economic problems that the United States faces or the coming climate changes rather than who's a better person. ? Besides slamming down an opponent may for a brief time allow one to appear as the bigger person but
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