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Anne Flinchum Mathew Holland Lit Trans 275 1 October 2007 Moving Day “Think of Death’s great moving day” (Haugaard, p. 883). This is a dark thought, but quite an interesting one that requires a person to look back on their life and wonder which deed, good or evil, they will live with for eternity. As mentioned in the tale, Death chooses which deed those in his coach will have to bear and it depends on the typical acts they committed throughout their life. This story makes one wonder which event Death will choose and places
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Unformatted text preview: importance on the goodness of our actions. I think it will be interesting to analyze what actions Andersen and society see as good as well as the significance of moving day in relation to “Death’s great moving day” (Haugaard, p. 883). Most of all, it is an intriguing tale that brings up an important question: what actions do we commit during our life will affect us in the afterlife? Works Cited Haugaard, Erik Christian. Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories . New York: Anchor Books, 1983....
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