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History 344 Review sheet - revolution 2 What were some of...

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History 344: Era of the American Revolution Final Exam Review Sheet These questions are meant to help you think about the broad narrative of the American Revolution. Keep in mind that the best way to answer a broad exam essay question is to draw on focused, specific examples from the lectures and readings to support your broader argument. Your argument is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Freedom and Inequality 1. What did slavery look like on the eve of revolution? 2. How did the revolution affect the institution of slavery? How did slaves respond to the revolution? 3. Politically, did the revolution change the institution of slavery? If so, how, and where? 4. How did Americans (including white male politicians, Quakers, slaves, women, free blacks) address the existence of race and gender inequalities in a political era predicated on ideas of freedom, liberty, and equality? Government and Constitution 1. How did revolutionary leaders envision government before, during, and after the
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Unformatted text preview: revolution? 2. What were some of the political conflicts that arose during the formation of the republic? 3. What documents emerged from these debates, and how did they reflect the conflicts and compromises surrounding their creation? 4. What social and economic issues occurred at the ground level that influenced the debates around and content of these documents? 5. What political and economic events occurred on the road to the Constitutional Convention? Ideology 1. What philosophic traditions did people draw upon when envisioning the new republic? 2. What ideas and ideologies grew out of the revolution? 3. What problems did Americans anticipate with the newly envisioned form of government and how did they approach these potential problems? 4. How did notions of property and economic independence shape ideas of citizenship? How did leaders translate these notions into policy?...
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