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Week 13 - addicts out of Americans Or do you agree with...

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Anne Flinchum Antrho 528 April 25, 2007 Heath, Nadelmann, and Musto 1. How does Heath describe “realistic accommodation?” What would America need to enact this sort of campaign? How realistic is it in America? 2. In the Nadelmann article, he suggests, “a very substantial majority of Americans are immune to any far reaching liberalizations in drug availability for the simple reason that they do not really need drug laws to prevent them from entering into destructive relationships with drugs” (page 103). Do you believe this argument? Just because drugs are legalized and may be easier to access, do you think this will make more
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Unformatted text preview: addicts out of Americans? Or do you agree with Nadelmann in saying that those who would not do drugs are unaffected by the legalization and those who do use drugs will not abuse them (continue to use them in “moderation and responsibly”)? 3. Nadelmann compares the usage of alcohol to predict the usage of other drugs. Do you think that alcohol is a good comparison? Do you think those who do not drink will also abstain from other drugs if they are legalized? Is there a better comparison or no comparison at all? Why?...
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