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Questions Week 3 - to get rich.” Is this a common thought...

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Anne Flinchum Anthro 528 February 7, 2007 Questions for Week 3 1. In the article “Pub-going and desire,” they talk about the dart club as a sort of miniculture. What kinds of minicultures are present here and other places? Are they comparable to the one described in the article (independence, self-discipline)? 2. On page 41, “Alpo” talks about how he hadn’t drank any alcohol and was rich and doing well. Then he says that he started to drink and it showed people “he didn’t want
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Unformatted text preview: to get rich.” Is this a common thought? Do people think less of people who drink? Or isn’t it something that so many people do where it is an accepted activity? 3. Do you believe that alcoholism is a disease? Do you think a lot of college students would be labeled as alcoholics? If alcoholism is a disease, how come it hasn’t been as heavily regulated (like tobacco products) or “cured” as we do to other diseases?...
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