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Mathew Holland Lit Trans 275 29 October 2007 Influences of the Writing Environment The context in which a piece of writing is created will greatly influence the moral, plot, characters, and many other components of the story. The context contains not only the historical events of the year in which the story is written, but reflects the attitudes and values of the time as well as the author’s. Drawing from biographies about the author and research on romanticism, it is clear that Hans Christian Andersen represents certain parts of his writing environment in his tales. “Moving Day,” written in 1860, embodies both events and personal feelings of the author as well as many elements common to the romanticism literary movement. The year 1860 in Hans Christen Andersen’s life consisted of readings to the Worker’s Association, traveling, and an array of emotions (Johan de Mylius, 2006). The Worker’s Association was a group of middle class citizens who organized lectures for the working class a few times a week (Johan de Mylius, 2006). Andersen appreciated the middle class organization and was highly regarded among it for reading his fairy tales to the members. While this brought Andersen great pleasure, he becomes depressed later in the year. At the end of August while traveling in Geneva, Andersen “vacillitates between feelings of elation and depression” and is sometimes “afflicted with anxiety and thoughts of suicide” (Johan de Mylius, 2006). Flinchum 1
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Context Paper - Flinchum 1 Anne Flinchum Mathew Holland Lit...

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