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Geology 111 Past Exam - Geology 111 - Volcanoes and...

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Geology 111 - Volcanoes and Civilization Final Exam - Fall 1997 Part 1: Multiple Choice/Guess Questions (1 point each; 35/103 total) 1. What areas have had many encounters between aircraft and high-altitude eruption clouds in the last 20 years? a) South America and Greenland b) Italy and Greece c) Indonesia, Russia, and Alaska d) Philippines e) C and D* 2. In 1982, a 747 flew through the eruption cloud of Galunggung and came close to crashing. Why did this happen? a) The crew ignored warning bulletins that were issued b) The satellite data were not yet available* c) Efforts were so focused on the ground that virtually no attention was paid to aircraft hazards d) They did not think the eruption cloud was thick enough to pose a hazard e) The eruption occurred without any warning 3. Most intercontinental commercial air traffic travels at an altitude of about 10 km. In a ten year period, about how many eruption clouds have reached this altitude? a) one b) ten c) fifty* d) one hundred e) one thousand 4. The most recent encounter between a jet and a volcanic eruption cloud in Alaska was a) the 1989 eruption of Redoubt b) the 1981 eruption of Augustine c) the 1995 eruption of Illiamna d) the 1960 eruption of Katmai e) none of the above 5. The 1992 eruption cloud of Mt. Spur, Alaska was well tracked across North America as it was carried by the jet stream. How long did it take to traverse the continent? a) 20 hours b) three days* c) one week d) one month e) two months 6. The most aircraft and passengers to be affected by a single eruption was: a) 1991 Mt. Unzen b) 1989 Redoubt c) 1982 Galunggung d) 1991 Pinatubo* e) 1985 Nevado del Ruiz 7. Emission of huge amounts of sulfur dioxide from large volcanic eruptions are thought to have caused: a) the little "ice age" of the mid-1800's b) the last major glaciation 70,000 years ago c) extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago d) the largest extinction of life on Earth, 245 million years ago. e) the beginning of global warming in the mid-1800's 8. The story of Atlantis was first told by
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a) the Mycenaeans, who destroyed the Minoan civilization b) the Minoans, who had the most advanced civilization in the region at the time c) the Romans d) Plato* e) Hebrew tribes 9. The most common modern use of volcanic material in construction is a) ash to make cement b) poorly welded ignimbrites c) lava fragments d) scoria from cinder cones* 10. One of the major engineering breakthroughs by the Romans in the Naples region was development of: a) cement made using ash instead of lime, called pozzuolana* b) cement using crushed unwelded ignimbrite c) the first bricks made of ash d) cement less construction methods, using unwelded ignimbrites 11. The largest geothermal power plant is
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Geology 111 Past Exam - Geology 111 - Volcanoes and...

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