Transformation of Governance

Transformation of Governance - Notes on Readings The...

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Notes on Readings The Transformation of Governance: Globalization, Devolution, and the Role of Government By Donald Kettl A.   New processes and institutions—often nongovernmental ones—have become more central to public policy a) American governments share responsibility with other levels of government, with private companies, and with nonprofit organizations b) The transformation has had two effects: i) 1. It has strained the traditional roles of all the players; the debate over privatizing or shrinking government has become less important because of the incremental important policy decisions where government has come to rely heavily on for-profit and nonprofit organizations for delivering goods and services ranging from anti-missile systems to welfare reform which layer new challenges on top of the traditional institutions and their processes ii) 2. The new challenges have strained the capacity of governments—and their nongovernmental partners—to deliver high quality public services (1) Basic structure of American Government comes from “New Deal” days which was driven by functional specialization and process control (2) New “place-based” problems have emerged: How can government’s functions be coordinated in a single place? (3)
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Transformation of Governance - Notes on Readings The...

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