Notes for November 29 - Notes for November 29, 2007...

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Notes for November 29, 2007 Quasi-Governmental Agencies and Non-Profit Management QUANGOS o What is a QUANGO? A quasi government organization that possesses legal characteristics of both the governmental and private sector organizations (and non-profit organizations) “Quasi-Autonomous national Government Organization” Importance: Help implement and administer public policy throughout the U.S. (and other countries, as well) Why do we use QUANGOS in the U.S.? o We want to stop the growth in government (Examples: teach more kids with less teachers, get more for less and something for nothing) o A small step toward having a more private solution in government Types: o Quasi-Official Agency – the organizations that are arguably closest to government—look the most like government agencies although they have some kind of semi-autonomous nature to act (Ex: Smithsonian Institute— gets funding from government but is not run by the government, Amtrak —has a more private sector or business model as well as fewer restrictions on it than other government organizations; postal service is pretty close) o Government Sponsored Enterprises – examples: Fanny Mae—federal national mortgage association and Freddy Mack is the federal home loan mortgage corporation; defined as: created by Congress (enabling legislation or statutes that define the organization), an implicit federal guarantee that allows it to borrow money at better rates (to gain and give credit), idea behind them is that Congress wanted the ability to make credit available to sectors of economy that were disadvantaged and less of a risk for these agencies because Congress backs up their ability to loan
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Notes for November 29 - Notes for November 29, 2007...

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