March 25, 2008 - International Organizations International...

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March 25, 2008 International Organizations International Organizations reflect global concerns o Solidify a sense of human interconnectedness that is not always synonymous within nation-states o There is wider world separate and above state and state interests—“people matter” Definitions o International organization – international institutions whose purpose is to create networks of shared interests (includes IGOs, NGOs, and MNCs) o Intergovernmental organizations – institutions whose members are states; formalized through official agreements and charters; can be universal, regional, and purposive in scope o Nongovernmental organizations – non-profit, private organizations; operate outside the direct authority of state governments; many NGOs deal with issues concerning humanitarian relief, peace, human rights, and the environment Contribute to conduct of international relations by defining goals, providing information and giving expert advice o Multinational Corporations – for-profit firms; possess subsidiaries in two or more countries; engage in transnational activities that involve the movement of goods and services across national boundaries Ex: Mc Donalds Historical Antecedents of International Organizations o Intergovernmental organizations Congress of Vienna (1815) – created to establish order and stability after Napoleonic wars League of Nations (1919) – first multi-purpose IGO of 20 th century and the first to have universal membership; concerned global interests of labor, health, and cultural issues; Key principles: 1. collective security 2. mediation, arbitration could solve problems 3. economic and social cooperation necessary for preservation and maintenance of world system United Nations (1945) – a greater emphasis on peoples; the rights
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March 25, 2008 - International Organizations International...

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