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Anne Flinchum Anthro 528 Week 9 In Search of Respect 1. In chapter one, the author said that Ray “seemed naïve or even learning disabled,” and was “incapable of fathoming the intricate rules and regulations of legal society.” Do you think that most drug dealers or addicts are this way? That they don’t see themselves as fitting in the real world so they resort to the drug world or that they are so involved they don’t seem to recognize the “real world”? What does this say about society as a whole to let these people be so uninformed and live, ultimately, outside of the law and society? 2. Primo, one of the main characters, talks about how he believes everyone must achieve things for themselves and if they fail, it is their fault. This is an individualistic point of view, but it seems like the author wants to at least put some blame on society (by
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Unformatted text preview: giving the history of East Harlem, talking about the marginalization in America, etc.). Do most drug dealers or people in the drug world blame it on themselves or do they look to other justifications such as society? How does this compare to other views expressed in our other books? 3. In chapter 3, the author talks about Primo’s and Caesar’s “risk minimization strategies.” They talk about “ditching it” or getting rid of their stash so they won’t get caught, as if it’s impossible. Do you think this is a common misconception among those doing “risky” activities? Even though they had both been arrested, how do they continue to believe this? Does anyone believe they will get caught when they are breaking the law?...
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