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Questions Week 7 - want to move onto crack cocaine from the...

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Anne Flinchum Anthro 528 Questions for Week 7 Fast Lives 1. In chapter 1 of the book, it tells how most of the women came upon becoming crack cocaine users. Many of the women had started with alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco products usually around high school ages. This to me does not seem that out of the ordinary, so how did these women go from a form of “normal” behavior to addicted crack cocaine users? It seems like a lot of the women use the excuse of using the first drugs and moving up, but why is it that these women made the jump to where they are and not everyone who does the same thing ends up where they are? (It seems like the book doesn’t draw a real connection) 2. Many of the women in the FAST program said that they didn’t know if the would
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Unformatted text preview: want to move onto crack cocaine from the other drugs they were already using. How have other drugs become worse than such drugs as marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco? What makes us think that those drugs are okay (regardless of their legality) while other drugs are so much worse? Why aren’t all drugs created (or thought of) equally? 3. In the book, the women in the FAST project say that being a mother addicted to crack cocaine is the same as being a mother who is addicted to prescription pills or alcohol. Do you agree with this? What are the differences between the two (other than legality) or are they more alike than we think?...
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