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Anne Flinchum Social Work 453 April 17, 2008 Reactions to Hooked Lonny Shavelson’s Hooked: Five Addicts Challenge Our Misguided Drug Rehab System was a surprisingly interesting and different view of our nation’s rehabilitation programs and their effects on the lives of five addicts. Each addict, I believe, offered a new insight into the programs and often an insight into the programs’ shortcomings as well. The book focuses on the treatment programs in the San Francisco area, which seems to be an area that itself is focused on treatment programs. Shavelson, who is a reporter I believe, dives into the lives of the five addicts and builds a personal relationship with them. His book offers his personal experiences as well as ideas from many people on the idea of treatment and the effectiveness of it. When I first read what the book was about, I was excited because I had just read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (a personal account of a man in rehab) over the summer and finished it in less than three days. While Hooked was quite different, not only in content and in style, I often felt myself feeling the same disappointed way when an addict from either story used again or somehow took a step backward in their treatment. Hooked lacked the stomach- turning descriptions of withdrawal symptoms and heartbreaking tragedy that were always present in Frey’s book, but I think was much more informative in explaining the treatment programs currently active in the U.S. and opening my eyes to the difficulties addicts face in succeeding in their treatment. I think that each of the five addicts from the book were important in giving an overview
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Hooked Paper - Anne Flinchum Social Work 453 April 17, 2008...

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