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November 15 Notes - November 15, 2007 Public Policy...

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November 15, 2007 Public Policy – Rulemaking Legal Foundations for Administrative Agency Action (Some concepts of administrative law) What is Administrative Law? o FAA Example – in the late 1990’s, the FAA was considering to adopt a rule that all children under two should be in special seats (did research and found that it was safer for infants); Main goal of FAA is safety Felt that these seats could be swapped between cars and planes (a technology change) Valance issue Opponents argued that requiring these seats actually led to more deaths because they would raise the price of taking infants on flights (no longer can ride on the parents’ laps) and more families would drive instead of fly and driving is more dangerous than flying so the rate of deaths would actually increase (more than 16 times more likely to be killed in auto accidents than airplane accidents) Not currently law in the U.S. From a legal standpoint: how do administrative public managers make their decisions (not what is their decision) What steps could an administrator be required to do before making a policy? How much evidence is needed? How open to public scrutiny? How do we hold them accountable for different decisions? If a rule is made and an airline is caught violating, how do we punish them? What is Administrative Law?
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November 15 Notes - November 15, 2007 Public Policy...

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