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Questions Week 12 - How do we make a drug worth $1 billion...

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Anne Flinchum Anthro 528 April 18, 2007 Cocaine White Gold Rush in Peru 1. In Peru, and other South American countries, coca has a strong social and traditional aspect to it. Where do we draw the line between legality and tradition? How do we allow traditions to stay alive while restricting the production and distribution of the coca leaf? 2. How did the coca leaf change from a social, traditional drug to an illegal cash crop such as cocaine? When was it first turned into cocaine and what were the major reasons behind it (not including money)?
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Unformatted text preview: How do we make a drug worth $1 billion seem undesirable enough to stop the production of it? 3. As in many of our other books, prostitution becomes an issue in this one as well. The “Wonder Woman” disco is not a whorehouse, but the women there receive no wages and are almost forced to prostitute themselves to earn money. There are also legal whorehouses on the outskirts of town. Why do we keep finding women so oppressed in drug cultures? In a mostly Catholic, traditional society, how is prostitution not only accepted but legal?...
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